Nick Black

Author of The Honourable Doctor



My debut novel

The Honourable Doctor

Westminster Hall, 13 December 1828. Midnight.

Thousands are massed outside. Newspapers are holding their presses.

James Lambert, a young apothecary-surgeon, has accused a leading surgeon at Guy’s Hospital of killing a patient. Never before has a doctor’s competence been challenged in a court.

What drove him to take on the medical establishment, risking everything he’d always wanted?

For two centuries his contribution to the making of modern health care has lain unrecognised.

This novel, based on true events, tells his extraordinary story.

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Walking London’s Medical History

Second Edition

Winner of BMA Annual Book Award and Society of Authors Award

This definitive guide to the fascinating history of health care from medieval times to the present day features seven walks in Central London, each with a key medical theme, and a tour of Kent.

By visiting the buildings where key events unfolded, you can transport yourself back in time while gaining an understanding of the continuing challenges that we face to improve modern health care.

This is the perfect guide for anyone with a passion for urban walks, the history of London and, of course, medicine.


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