Nick Black

Author of The Honourable Doctor


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A selection of essays that either directly relate to The Honourable Doctor (such as a prequel and short accounts of key characters) or explore how the historical perspective can help inform contemporary health care policy debates.

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Interactive map

The Honourable Doctor is a work of fiction but all the places where the events took place were real. Many of them have survived the past 200 years. This map shows you all the locations in London and provides both images from the 1820s and present day photographs (such as this one of the Great Windmill Street School of Anatomy).

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Self-guided walks

If you don’t want to be encumbered with holding and reading a book as you walk around the city, how about an audio tour? At present there are two tours available – one taking you through Soho, the other through Bloomsbury.

“Walking through Soho offers a whole new way of seeing it and being there. Nick Black’s authoritative commentary is a wonderful way of seeing the development of the area through new eyes. A brilliant walk.”

“Great tour. It made me notice buildings I would have ordinarily walked past, told me stories of the people behind some amazing institutions and gave me an insight into the history of an area about which I know so little.”

“An excellent tour. The speaker is clear, authoritative and knowledgeable. Fascinating insights into health care buildings and their historical context. At 50 mins,  just the right length and distance and takes you through some of the most attractive streets in Bloomsbury.”

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