Nick Black

Author of The Honourable Doctor



Doctor denied: James Lambert Clapham

3rd January, 2023

When, in 1840, Will Clapham named his first son, James Lambert Clapham, he expected him to become a doctor. So how did he end up a farmer in New Zealand?

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The Honourable Doctor: Prequel

22nd September, 2022

How did James Lambert’s childhood in Essex shape the man who was to play a key role in triggering reform of the great London hospitals and the medical profession?

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Why studying the past matters

18th September, 2022

Understanding the past is essential for successfully changing the future. Yet policymakers pay little attention to history.

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The extraordinary tale of Dartford, the hospital town.

15th September, 2022

How, in the space of twenty-five years, did a small town in Kent of only 20 000 people, acquire eleven hospitals and 10 000 beds?

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